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Selected and organized links about Real-Time PCR generalities, protocols and applications.

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The real-time PCR system is based on the detection and quantitation
of a fluorescent reporter (Lee, 1993; Livak, 1995). This signal increases
in direct proportion to the amount of PCR product in a reaction. By
recording the amount of fluorescence emission at each cycle, it is possible
to monitor the PCR reaction during exponential phase where the first significant increase in the amount of PCR product correlates to the initial amount of target template
. (M.Tevfik Dorak's Website)  See More...


The usefulness of Quantitative of Real Time PCR in
File Format: PDF/ Adobe Acrobat.
Maurizio Provenzano et al
The American Society for Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics
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Development of Conventional and Real-Time PCR Assays
for the Rapid Detection of Group B Streptococci
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Danbing Ke et al. (2000).Clinical Chemistry 46:3, 324-331,

Infectio Diagnostic
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Glossary of Real-Time PCR Terms
M.Tevfik Dorak.
M.Tevfik Dorak's Website
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Describe and summarize all technical aspects involved in quantitative gene expression analysis using real-time
(kinetic) PCR & RT-PCR.
Michael W. Pfaffl
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RTPrimerDB: Real Time PCR Primer and Probe Database
This is a public database holding real time PCR primers and
probes for popular chemistries to prevent time-consuming
primer design and experimental optimisation.
Ghent University, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Centre for Medical Genetics
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Glossary of terms Commonly used in the Polymerase Chain Reaction Technique

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