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A variety of PCR additives and enhancing agents have been used to increase the yield, specificity and consistency of PCR reactions. Whilst these additives may have beneficial effects on some amplifications it is impossible to predict which agents will be useful in a particular context and therefore they must be empirically tested for each combination of template and primers.


L i n k s

· PCR Additives
This WebPage describes the mechanisms of action and optimal concentrations of a list of PCR additives.
Rob Cruickshank's Protocol Book
University of Glasgow

· The enhancement of PCR amplification by low molecular
weight amides
A comprehensive structure-activity investigation with
a group of low molecular weight amides to see how 
variations in the amide structure influence PCR 
amplification and specificity.
File Format: PDF/ Adobe Acrobat
R. Chakrabarti and C. E.Schutt (2001), Nucleic Acids Res.
Oxford University Press
· New specificity and yield enhancer of polymerase chain reactions
Compares the ability of several TMA derivatives and some other reagents to increase the specificity of PCR and to improve the yield of amplification.
File Format: PDF/ Adobe Acrobat M. Kovárová and P. Dráber (2000), Nucleic Acids Res. Oxford University Press
· Adjuvants in PCR reactions
Shows some effects of DMSO, Glycerol and BSA on 
mulitplex PCR reactions.
Octavian Henegariu
Yale University
· Betaine improves the PCR amplification of GC-rich
DNA sequences
File Format: PDF/ Adobe Acrobat
Wolfgang Henke et al., (1997), Nucleic Acids Res.
Oxford University Press

Glossary of terms Commonly used in the Polymerase Chain Reaction Technique

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