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Organic and inorganic compounds that inhibit the amplification of nucleic acids by PCR are common contaminants in DNA samples from various origins. They can interfere with the reaction at several levels, leading to different degrees of attenuation and even to complete inhibition.



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· Magnetic Bead Capture Eliminates PCR Inhibitors in Samples
Collected  from the Airborne Environment, Permitting Detection
of Pneumocystis carinii DNA

Describes a magnetic bead DNA capture protocol that removes inhibitors from outdoor air samples.
File Format: PDF/ Adobe Acrobat
N. Maher et al. (2001), AEM.
American Society for Microbiology
· Electropositive Filter Membrane as an Alternative for the  
Elimination of PCR Inhibitors from Sewage and Water Samples
This paper shows that the use of electropositive filter membrane
is appropriate for the elimination of substances that can interfere
with RT-PCR, obviating additional sample purification methods.
File Format: PDF/ Adobe Acrobat
A. P. S. Queiroz et al.,(2001), AEM.
American Society for Microbiology

· Efficient removal of PCR inhibitors using agarose-embedded DNA preparations
As an alternative to eliminate the presence of inhibitors, a simple DNA extraction method, originally developed to recover intact DNA macromolecules for pulsed-field gel electrophoresis analysis, has been tested in this work.
File Format: PDF/ Adobe Acrobat David Moreira (1998), Nucleic Acids Res. Oxford University Press

· Inhibition of PCR by aqueous and vitreous fluids
This report describes a PCR inhibitor in normal aqueous and vitreous fluids that can produce false-negative PCR results
File Format: PDF/ Adobe Acrobat
Danny L Wiedbrauk, et al. (1995), Clin Microbiol.
American Society for Microbiology



Glossary of terms Commonly used in the Polymerase Chain Reaction Technique

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