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Glossary of terms Commonly used in the Polymerase Chain Reaction Technique


- In gel electrophoresis, a well is the small, rectangular shaped pit left in the surface of the gel by the comb. This is where you load the sample you're running on the gel. ...
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- The normal condition, either with regard to a whole organism (wild-type strain), or with reference to a particular mutation (wild-type at that locus or site, denoted by a plus sign).
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Hypermedia Glossary Of Genetic Terms

- 1.The phenotype with respect to a given inherited characteristic that is considered to be the "normal" type commonly found in natural populations.
- 2.The allele of a particular gene that confers the phenotype considered to be the "normal" type commonly found in natural populations. ...
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Mouse Genome Informatics

- The type or form of an organism or gene that occurs most frequently in nature. Often refers to how organisms or genes are found naturally, that is, in the wild, before researchers induced mutations.
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