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- In gel electrophoresis, a lane is the section of a gel below one well. The gels we are using have six wells, so they have six corresponding lanes. When you look at a stained gel, all the bands in one lane came from the same sample of DNA loaded into one well.
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In molecular biology, a "library" is a complex mixture of recombinant DNA molecules in a suitable cloning vector representing either the entire genome of an organism (a genomic library) or the messenger RNA population of a whole organism, cell type, or tissue type (a cDNA library).
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Mouse Genome Informatics

- An unordered collection of clones (i.e., cloned DNA from a particular organism) whose relationship to each other can be established by physical mapping.
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Genome Glossary

Ligase chain reaction (LCR)

- A method of DNA amplification similar to PCR. LCR differs from PCR because it amplifies the probe molecule rather than producing amplicon through polymerization of nucleotides. Two probes are used per each DNA strand and are ligated together to form a single probe. LCR uses both a DNA polymerase enzyme and a DNA ligase enzyme to drive the reaction. Like PCR, LCR requires a thermal cycler to drive the rxn and each cycle results in a doubling of the target nucleic acid molecule. LCR can have greater specificity than PCR.
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- Plural of locus.


The position of a gene, DNA marker or genetic marker on a chromosome
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- A specific physical position on a chromosome at which a gene or gene pair resides...
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Long PCR

- PCR in which the product is several kilobases long. Using cocktails of enzymes products of up to 40 kb have been accurately manufactured.
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- Long PCR (i.e. amplification of DNA fragments of several thousand base pairs) is now widely used in numerous fundamental or applied scientific fields and represents an invaluable diagnostic tool in molecular medicine.
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Escherichia coli exonuclease III enhances long PCR amplification of damaged DNA templates
Fromenty et al., 2000

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