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The objective of PCRLInks.com project is to provide a free and exclusive Web guide of Polymerase Chain Reaction techniques, with the purpose of orienting and facilitating the task search to students, teachers and researchers, and to provide a site of exchange of information among its visitors. It is a personal task that I hope it will be turned in a collective project, where the visitors participate actively. For this purpose this site contains a series of interactive sections where visitors can take part. If you want to participate, you can insert new links to web pages, related to PCR technique, in the “Add URL” section that allow to annex a description of the content of the page and suggest a classification of the thematic index. You can also interact with other visitors in the forum (In construction) or chat and subscribe to receive news about this site. In addition you can put any suggestion about this site in the “Comments” section. At the moment, the costs of web hosting run on my own, but I hope to have in the near future some sponsors that allow me to cover the expenses that will be generated.

Silvio Jesús Krivokapich

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